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Those who are looking for honest, unbiased reviews of cloud storage services will find everything they need on We take time to do a thorough assessment of every factor that we consider important. Then, we provide our readers with our thoughts on each cloud storage service.

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We know that the most reliable review is always the one that’s written personally. That is why we test every cloud storage provider on our own. What’s more, we are familiar with common issues that users can experience while using the cloud.

So, we do thorough research and test every service from time to time. That way, we can see whether they have similar problems as well as how they deal with them. As a result, our readers will have a clear image of both the upsides and downsides of every cloud storage service.

The most important factors for a cloud storage service review

There are six most important factors to consider in every review of a cloud storage service. We assess every feature that a service provider offers and see how it compares to other providers’ services.

The first thing we take into account when reviewing a cloud storage service is data security. In this day and age, having a provider that will ensure that users’ data is safe is crucial.

Secure cloud storage is above all from our point of view.

In addition, services need to be reliable and offer stability. Since users need to trust the provider with their important data, these features are just as important as the safety of their information.

Our list of important features also includes backup and storage options. These two factors usually help us tell apart high-quality services from regular ones.

We are aware that issues with this kind of service are common. What’s more, a lot of users are not familiar with how it works, and they will need a step-by-step guide in order to learn the ropes.

That is why another vital feature that a service should have is good customer support. A customer support service should be available whenever users need it, and it should provide them with quick and helpful answers.

Furthermore, we can’t forget the cost. We want our readers to get the best value for their money.

So, we are dedicated to finding the best cloud storage service out there that won’t cost a fortune.

We reward our readers

Getting every piece of information that is crucial when choosing a provider isn’t the only benefit of choosing our website. Aside from providing our readers with thorough reviews, we also reward their loyalty to the site. So, our visitors will get a freebie from us.

Every reader that is interested in this type of service will find our free rewards more than useful. That’s because they can get free cloud storage and free password managers, among other great perks. We managed to gather 33 free cloud storage that does not cost you a single penny up-to-date. If you had followed us closely, you’ll notice the list grows on since we started it.

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